About Y360

Y360 is a multi-cultural team of creative communicators passionate about people, cultures and positive change. From serving local refugees, to helping shape future leaders in Africa, Y360 empowers people to discover and live their design.

Our Story

ylogoFounded in 1993 as YWAM International Communications Network (YWAM ICN). over the years our team has provided communication services, and developed several initiatives primarily to support the work of Youth With A Mission worldwide. In 2012 we re-branded as Y360, going forward as a fresh local YWAM expression, but also revamping our vision, broadening our audience, and adopting a more more holistic strategy to achieving our goals.

Y360 is presently a multi-cultural team of about 17+ staff with several volunteers serving with us locally and globally. The strength of our team and work lies in our cultural diversity, our several years of cross-cultural communication experience. Our passion is to touch lives and to see transformation of people and society.  From serving the needs of local refugees & internationals, to producing thought-provoking television programming for African youth, we are passionate about empowering people to discover and live their God-given design.

Y360 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit registered in the state of Colorado.

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