What We Do

Serving Internationals

Serving refugees & immigrants, reaching out to nations represented in our city, teaching them English, helping integrate them into our community…


Training people to be effective through video production, cross-cultural communication, English as a Second Language, soul-care, electronics…

Media Services

Offering custom communication solutions through video, live-event video services, web design & hosting, print design, branding…

Resource Development

Developing promotional & training videos, creating story & awareness resources that empower individuals from all walks of life to live out their intended design…

Outreach to Internationals

The nations are coming to our neighborhood and we find ways to reach out to them with love, compassion and grace. We serve refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants, and marginalized people – reaching out to several nations and cultures represented in our city. We teach them English, help integrate them into our community, connect them to resources, point them to life and opportunities. We also have a ministry to seniors & disabled in nursing homes in the community.

One of our favorite outreach events to internationals is Christmas for the Nations (formerly Christmas Around The World). This is a fun event at Christmastime filled with activities, entertainment, international food, and ample opportunities for conversation, awareness, bridge-building and relationships within our community as we celebrate the Reason for the Season.

TV for African Youth

The episodic TV series Café 360 impacts African youth by investing in the second decade of their lives. With its open, magazine-style format, Café 360 takes on a variety of topics relevant to today’s youth and leaves the audience with concrete, healthy, and contextualized ways to grow and change. This is a unique opportunity to reach out to the youth of Africa through performing arts and media.

We need actors, screen writers, production crew. We need connections, partnerships and donations. We need YOU!


Awareness Events

Y360 enjoys hosting regular events that highlight current issues and discussion themes that are relevant to our time – both globally and locally. Our aim with ‘Taste & See’ events is to create awareness and provoke thought about issues that should both educate and move us towards appropriate action.

We believe that creating opportunities for exposure and healthy discussion on today’s issues will bring deeper understanding of context, choices, and consequences. We seek to inspire, and get inspired – to be a catalyst for grace, love, compassion, and positive change.

English as Second Language

We teach English as a Second Language (ESL) to refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants to our community – both at our facility and in their own homes. This provides opportunities to reach out across cultural boundaries, and serve those that have come into the Colorado Springs area from foreign cultures. We also train cross cultural workers who reach out to other nations.

Media Services

Video : Our video team has several years of cross-cultural and international experience in video production, and multi-camera live event shoots. We produce promotionals, documentaries, awareness and training videos. Our multi-purpose studio and training facility converts easily into a green screen studio facility when needed. We’re adequately equipped with a TriCaster & HD camera equipment and computers for live stream events and for post-production. Click here to see some of our video work.

Web : Our web services include consulting, design and hosting of web sites, with easy to use secure systems that will enable you to effectively reach your intended global audience.

Contact us to ask about our video & web services. Using our professional services helps support the work of Y360.

Cross-Cultural Training

With several refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants coming into our community, we provide cross-cultural training to help you understand the issues they face, their hurdles and ways to simply love and care for them.  We also provide opportunities to reach out across cultural boundaries (locally and globally), and to be of service to those that have come into the Colorado Springs area from foreign cultures.

We host panel discussions and training programs to help people cross-cultures effectively. We also have a focus on training anyone who has a passion to cross cultural or national boundaries to reach out and serve people. Our 3-month ESL program for cross-cultural workers and missionaries also provides opportunity to learn and practice English, while also providing opportunities as part of the class to reach out to refugees and asylees each week to practice their skills.

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