A television production to impact future leaders of Africa

The episodic TV series Café 360 is a unique opportunity to impact African youth by investing in the second decade of their lives. With its open, magazine-style format, Café 360 takes on a variety of topics relevant to today’s youth in a fresh and tvproductionredemptive way. It builds its content upon values upheld by the Bible, conveyed in a context-sensitive manner, and easily applicable to international audiences. It leaves the audience with concrete, healthy, and contextualized ways to grow and change.

Hosted by an international group of young men and women in a typical African café setting, the series has multiple 30-minute segments including a dramatic parable, testimonials, and an artist’s take on the topic of the day, all revolving around the hosts’ performance in the café itself.

This is a unique opportunity to reach out to the youth of Africa through performing arts.

We invite partnerships and donations to help us with production costs.


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